Match Report: Titans RR vs Phoenix at Dukes Meadow 25/4/21

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So this was out of my comfort zone in terms of distance from the homeland of East London so I wasn’t in attendance…therefore this match report will be brief. Picture used as the feature image was a stock photo of a rare sighting of the elusive Phoenix legend and fellow veteran Niall Dumigan. It’s an I miss Niall request.


Match result and subseqeunt summary. 5-2 win for Phoenix!

We scored more goals than they did so won the game.

Non Grunt Nicky x2, Brother Martin, “It’s not Simon” Rash and Mr (Callum) Anderson with the goals.


No match day media apart from a penalty video which has now been lost so here’s some sort of promised football dancing…loving the enthusiastic energy here especially in the drag back finale!


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